40+Style & Men’s Fashion

by Shopify API on October 30, 2018

For 40 + – Fashion has no age bar.


Now, if you believe that fashion is for all those who are young, you are mistaken. 40+Style is a unique fashion blog for all those aged 40 years and above. A go-to destination is one among the best fashion blogs for 40-year-olds.

Who Is The Founder And Creator Of 40 Plus Style?

The founder and editor in chief of 40 Plus Style is Sylvia Vandelogt.

Why 40 Plus Style?

40 Plus Style, a perfect website for those who are in their late 40s and want to keep the fashion game on with trendy yet comfortable outfits.

How 40 Plus Style Does Business?

40 Plus Style offers a platform to shop trending fashion outfits and accessories for 40 plus folks. You can also enroll for their 21 steps style course and sign up the newsletters. Read more.

 Modern Man

The Modest Man

Now, you may be puzzled about men’s fashion. But let us remind you that fashion is not something only for women. The Modest Man is a brilliant fashion blog specifically and specially dedicated to all the latest fashion trends for men.

We’re not talking about something too attention-grabbing, but minimalistic and yet something that will garner you some attention. The Modest Man is one of the best men’s fashion blog.

Founder Of The Modest Man

The Modest Man was started by Brock, according to him, a man should be ready and well dressed for all the occasion in life.

Reason To Check Out The Modest Man

The Modest Man has thoughtfully curated collections of blogs to dress up and style up man to look amazing. You will find the perfect way to style up for all occasions and events. Read the rest here