Every season, a certain piece of clothing or accessory becomes an unexpected hit among fashion lovers and trendsetters, and this time it happened with the soft teddy bag of the Cos brand.

Teddy coats have been a big trend for three seasons in a row, and if you like them, but you think they
are still outside your comfort zone and you don't want to experiment, we are sure that this bag will take your heart.


This popular bag comes in a clutch version. It is made of so-called shearling fur and is large, so you can put everything you need in it, even though it is not its basic function.

We believe that is exactly why it is the most sought-after piece of the last few weeks - it is chic, it raises
every combination to a higher level, and yet it is practical.

Besides the interesting material, this bag also has a recognizable shape borrowed from the famous Pouch bag model of the Bottega Veneta brand.

It is in this interesting combination of material and recognizable desirable silhouette that the secret of its explosive success lies.