Refresh your look

by Shopify API on October 04, 2018

Jeans are a piece of clothing that we are very happy to wear, on almost all occasions. Best of all, there is
a model for every figure and every woman can find the right pair: narrow, wide, with a high waist, with a
low waist, a trapeze… Indeed, the possibilities are numerous.
However, in order for your styling to look very urban and modern, and to refresh it in a very simple and
attractive way, choose jeans with embroidered details, more precisely with floral motifs. As it is already
known, the floral design is the most popular design in the world (regardless of the season), so it is not
surprising that it has found its way to the always popular jeans. We bring you one great combination
that can serve as inspiration.ARMANI

Armani Exchange - 3ZYJ01Y3CRZ

Discreet floral embroidery in a combination of white and pink powder is the perfect decoration on jeans.
To keep him in focus exclusively, wear a classic, unobtrusive white T-shirt or a pale shade of powder pink
above. Shoes with a block heel and a strap around the ankle will enhance the retro flair of jeans with